Gasless Payment Option:

Step 1:

Directly pay the amount via your Metamask wallet to our ETH wallet address.

Step 2:

Once paid, take a screenshot of the transaction and also copy the transaction Hash.

Step 3:

Now, Go to our Discord Server and Submit a ticket at our #help section.

Send your screenshot, Transaction Hash & ETH wallet address where you want to receive the Meta Pass.


Step 4:

Once the transaction is verified, the meta pass will be transferred to your eth wallet.

Our ETH Wallet address :



1 Golden Meta Pass = 0.075 ETH

5 x Golden Meta Pass = 0.375 ETH

10 x Golden Meta Pass = 0.75 ETH

Early Bird Offer:

5 Golden Passes holders will get an airdrop of 2 Silver Passes and 3 Bronze Passes.

10 Golden Passes holders will get an airdrop of 3 Silver Passes and 7 Bronze Passes.